Well, smart kiddo, you probably know this much by now. Technically-speaking, your local dentistry for children arcadia might not actually be giving a dime. Neither will the dentists in residence be giving you an actual lollipop. Those days are gone now, son. In actual fact, you’ll be lucky if you’re given a brand new state of the art toothbrush, compliments of your local dentist. Or a good kick up the backside.

In the latter case only if, and only if you’re one of those not so smart kids who could not have bothered to attend to your daily health and hygiene requirements. And that, of course, also means brushing and flossing at least three times a day. Nope, not twice a day, but three times a day. That’s the recommendation laid down by pretty much all dental authorities across the globe. The feeling is universal.

Three times a day, kiddos. Brushing AND flossing, and don’t you forget it. And to think; not even that’s enough because get this. They say you’ve still got to see your local dentist at least twice a year. More than that if you’re a smart kid who wants your braces to help your new adult teeth to grow straight, strong and true. High school proms could be around the corner for many of you. And that’s maybe the first thing your prospective date will be eyeing.

dentistry for children arcadia

Sizing up the look of your teeth, white as usual. Or not. And if you’re already in the necking woods, quite possibly your breath as well. So, kiddo, if you’ve started that crazy habit of smoking, you might want to trash while you still can. Because years later, what will you be saddled with? Pretty bad teeth and gums.