Examples of Education Programs Required by a Court

If you’ve gotten into trouble with the law, chances are you may have been told to complete at least one course as part of your bargain or sentence. These courses are typically designed to educate you against making the same type of mistake that landed you in trouble, or else it may be a form of cognitive behavioral therapy to help you better cope with your personal issues.

Here are just a few examples of court ordered education programs, as well as an idea of who may need them.

Anger Management: Individuals arrested for assault, battery, or even arguing with a police officer or judge may be sentenced to anger management classes. These are aimed at helping you find better ways to cope with your anger than lashing out with verbal or physical violence.

Drug & Alcohol Awareness/Drug Offender Education/DWI Education: These courses are aimed at individuals who have a drug or alcohol addiction. They assist by educating individuals on the consequences of their actions. They also offer pertinent information on how to avoid driving under the influence, and what resources are available to those wishing to get clean.

Animal Abuse & Cruelty Education: If you were found to have intentional or accidentally hurt an animal, or neglected one in your care, the court may order you to take this course. It educates individuals on what constitutes animal abuse, as well as how to properly tend to animals in your care.

court ordered education programs

Bullying/Cyberbullying: These courses are most usually geared towards teenagers but may also be referred to adults. They teach what constitutes bullying (including cyberbullying, which is done online) so you can be aware when you are doing so. They will also teach you better ways to express your feelings than to negatively impart them on other people.