resort golf club management

As the saying goes; numerous advantages accrue to those who are willing to seize them. This is usually the seriously positive mind-set of the successful businessman or woman, who incidentally usually likes to enjoy a good round of golf once or twice a week. That is to say that he or she is able to take time out of his or her busy schedule. But yet another positive mind-set of the successful businessman or woman will have you know that if you have not got the time you had best be making the time.

It is all to the good so far because this is how successful businesses have always been run. As the erstwhile President would have you know it is the art of the deal. Otherwise he would famously have you know that you are, wait for it; fired. Just ask any of the many staff members who have faced this man’s wrath. They may wish to suggest that he is wicked. But it is not that, you see. Sometimes you even have to be cruel to be kind. And sometimes, in order to get the job done, you really have to be a hard taskmaster.

Just as you would when driving a hard bargain. A good place to do that would usually be the links. Do you let your opponent win? Or do you give him a darn good hiding? Perhaps it all depends on the state of affairs. It will be the task of resort golf club management to create the appropriate setting. The resort is not a bad place for the discerning businessman or woman to retreat to to what they would usually refer to as a working holiday. Because they simply do not have the time to go into full recess?